Dark Tan Veg Tanned Leather

Handcrafted Leather Case

Simple, functional, beautiful cases for your sunglasses.


Handcrafted in Devon, using first grade, vegetable tanned cow hide leather, from one of England's few remaining traditional tannery's. Designed to protect your Moats from damage, these leather cases will age beautifully and  with a little care and attention, save you from expensive repairs.


Unlike many hard sunglasses cases, these are slimline and beautifully tactile, which means they are a pleasure rather than a chore to carry around. 


Available in Tan, Dark Tan and Black, these cases are hand finished to a beautiful standard, with burnished edges and antique brass hardware. They are a worthy investment and will repay you over many years to come. It goes without saying that nothing is indestructible and they do not guarantee that your sunglasses will never get broken but they stand far less chance when kept safely inside these cases. 


Similar to our wooden sunglasses, these leather cases are a natural product and therefore grain, colour and texture may vary. 


We only use veg tanned leather which relies entirely on natural tree tannins and water. This gentle process can take up to 14 months and protects the natural fibres of the hide, giving you a longer lasting, more beautiful end product. We will never use chrome tanned leather which accounts for 90% of the leather products on the market and is processed quickly with carcinogenic chemicals which get released back into the water table. Our veg tanned leather is an animal by-product which means that the cows have been bred for their meat rather than their skin. Whilst the subject of killing animals for their meat or their skin is a contentious one,  even in our household, we feel that these cases offer a much more environmentally friendly option, than many of the PVC and PU vegan alternatives. On this note, we are currently sourcing a number of eco approved, vegan materials to offer as an alternative. Watch this space if leather is not for you. 


A recycled leather option will occassionally be available too, as and when the correct type of leather comes our way. The colour and texture will vary and it could be subject to availability. Message us if you want to see what is available or if you have a good quality piece of leather you would like us to transform, let us know. Please note it will need to be 1.5-2mm thick. 

  • Caring for your case

    Your case will develop a beautiful patina with age and will bear the scars of its life journey with you however now and then, it will enjoy some form of nourishment such as a little rub with some natural beeswax blend or some saddle soap. Anything natural really which is designed for leather. 

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