Blackwood Squire

Blackwood Squire

Made with responsibly sourced African Blackwood, our darkest wood option. African Blackwood is our most expensive wood. It also has a much tighter grain meaning sanding of the product takes a lot longer than woods such as Walnut or Oak.


Our original Wayfarer design - slightly more angular than the Appleby. Available in a number of wood and lens combinations and two sizes. Small is selected as standard. Please email us with your order number if you think you'd prefer the larger size. Gender Neutral. 


Small Size: 144mm Wide x 46mm Deep

Large Size: 153mm Wide x 49mm Deep


Named after the numerous Squires who resided at The Moat House through medieval times.

  • Lenses

    Our lenses are of a very high quality and will offer UV protection to your eyes. They are all CE certified to European standard. They are each categorised 1-3 and whilst they all offer the same protection, a 3 will block out more of the suns rays than a 1. All of our mirrored lenses are a cat 3 and a gradient is categorised as a 1 despite it going from a 3 to a 1 gradually. Browns and greys come in 2 (Medium) or 3 (Dark) depending on which you prefer. We recommend that you do not wear your sunglasses whilst driving after dusk. It's illegal and potentially dangerous. Contrary to popular belief, mirrored lenses are not the same as polarised. You can get 'mirrored polarised' but the mirror itself is not what makes them polarised. Often people believe Polarised lenses are superior to standard lenses, this is not strictly true, they just offer a different function and block out horizontal light which reduces glare. It's personal choice as to whether they are better for you. Because they block out reflections, they can be useful for water sports. Polarised lenses can impede clarity of digital displays such as mobile phones and motorcycle displays. 

  • Caring for your Moats

    Your Moats are hand crafted and go through some very vigorous processes prior to leaving our workshop, whether this be hand sanding or glazing. Any weakness in the wood will be detected in the early stages so rest assured they are just as durable as any other sunglasses. What is VERY important though is that you keep them in a hard case when not being worn. They are not designed to be worn on your head, down your T-shirt, in your pocket etc. They do not like being sat on and they don't like rattling around in handbags unprotected so please look after them like you would your favourite prosecco flute! Looked after properly, your Moats will last a long time. We still have friends wearing their original prototype Moats from 2013! Your Moats are coated in a skin friendly hard oil wax which makes them water & sweat resistant but if you are finding they are looking a bit tired then feed them with some beeswax, or anything natural which you would usuallly use to nourish wood. Never rest your Moats lens side down or you will scratch the lenses. Should you scratch them, or even just fancy a change, we can swap them for you, not a problem.

    Dogs & Children... Moats are absolutely terrified of dogs and children. Please do not leave them where your dogs or children can access them. It usually ends in tears!

    Should something terrible happen to your sunnies, we do have a Moats A&E department. Another benefit of buying from a small family business! Just get in touch if you need us and be honest about how the accident occurred for a favourable repair rate. 

  • Returns and Repairs

    A lot of love will go into making your Moats so we want you to be glowing with pride when you wear them. If you aren't completely happy please return within two weeks of purchase to: The Old Forge, 9 Cross St. Lynton, North Devon. EX35 6HG including your order number and a note to say if you'd like a refund or exchange and we'll get that sorted for you. Feedback is also appreciated.


    All sunglasses are made by hand and it would be very rare to send a pair out which were not absolutely perfect but if you feel there is a manufacturing default, please let us know within 24 hours of receiving them. They'll be sent signed for delivery to ensure their safe arrival.




    Unlike buying from one of the bigger brands, rest assured, if you accidentally break your Moats, we will be here to help you.


    Send them back to the Moats A&E dept at The Old Forge, 9 Cross St, Lynton, North Devon. EX35 6HG along with your name & full contact details and we can get them fixed for you.


    Typical charge would be £20 for a broken temple, £45 for a broken frame + £5 P&P - it is sometimes necessary to replace the lenses too as they are all cut specifically to the indivdual frame but if we can get recycle them, all the better. Please send us a picture of the damage first for a quote as some wood types vary in price. Send images to


    Lenses can also be changed if damaged or if fancying a change - just get in touch to request a price.

  • Prescription Lenses

    All of our frames can be fitted with prescription lenses. Email us a copy of your prescription along with the following information:


    • Your PD (pupilary distance) this is the distance from each pupil to the bridge of your nose and allows us to set the lens in the correct place for your particular eyes. If your optician will not provide this information, you can easily measure yourself. Send us details of your left and right eye individually
    • Details of the type of lens you would like for instance single vision or varifocals (varifocals are not quite as straightforward as you need to be measured but it is still possible)
    • Protective Coatings - if you require a hard coating or anti glare etc, let us know. This will cost extra so entirely your choice
    • Aesthetics - Tell us what look you want, for instance blue mirror or gradient etc. As always, we